We're Caludo, a "swissicana" trio based in Zürich, Switzerland. We perform a mix of original material, both vocal and instrumental, as well as some new takes on old favorites in the bluegrass and old-time realm.

Thanks for joining us on this new musical adventure! Stay tuned!

Stefan Behler

Stefan (vocals, guitar) was raised in northern Germany, where he learned Bluegrass music by listening to a distant FM radio station in Hamburg. He began to play 5-string banjo at the age of 15. No teachers, no internet...just instructional books and records. He finally met like-minded musicians, and trained his musical skills at jams and bluegrass concerts. With previous bands, Stefan was touring in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland and the USA. He recently produced a folk album of his own.

Catie Jo Pidel

Catie Jo (vocals, fiddle) is currently a master's student in Zurich, but she originally comes from Minnesota, where she grew up in a rich Bluegrass community. She has played the fiddle since she was 9, and her playing has been featured across the US at various concerts and festivals, as well as a number of appearances on the popular radio show, A Prairie Home Companion. Known for her energetic and fiery fiddle playing, Catie Jo is thrilled to be starting a new musical adventure in Switzerland.

Vincent Zurkinden

Vincent (vocals, bass) spent part of his childhood in the french speaking part of Switzerland. He has played bass with various folk, rock, and pop bands, and was also touring together with Stefan in previous bands. Vincent composes thoughtful and entertaining songs in english, french, and also greek – and he does not give in before a new song is well arranged! Intricate timings like 7/8 are one of his passions. Vincent is one of the rare acoustic bass players who uses the instrument's body for percussion.

For booking inquiries, please reach out to hello@caludo.ch. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube!